Ψυχολογία – Τέχνη

Psychology-Art” is a scientific, not-for-profit organization whose full name is “Οrganization for the Support of Mental Health, Social Support, Education & Creativity”. (member of the American Association Art Therapy & the British Association of Art Therapists) Its objectives are to implement programmes and raise awareness in the community about mental health issues and psycho-social support, to plan and run creative activities, to make society as a whole more aware and to defend the interests of people with mental disorders, and also to showcase the creativity of individuals with mental disorders. The Οrganization also seeks to plan and run training courses provided via the Training Institute that the Association represents, based on recognised criteria in line with international practice and Greek law. Information and training is also offered to mental health professionals. Information is also available more generally about mental health issues. Social groups, one-day events, lectures are also organised and the Association attends exhibitions and fairs. The Association also plans and runs various training events in the fields of psychology and art.

address: Pavlou Mela  38, P.C. 54622,




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