SOS Children’s Village Plagiari Social Center Thessaloniki – Family Strengthening Program

The last four years due to the economic crisis, there is a significant increase in the number of families and consequently children and young people at risk of entering the hard cycle of poverty and social exclusion.


The purpose and basic elements of the Social Centers’ operation are the following:


    • Early detection of situations in which children operate under adverse growing conditions.


    • Early diagnosis including the rapid attainment of the necessary diagnostic tests and selection of appropriate treatment.


    • Coordination of rehabilitation in order to prevent possible problems and chronicity of the consolidation of adverse effects on the family.


    • The avoidance of breakdown of the family and therefore the inclusion of children in long-term residential care structures.


    • Ensuring, in any case, the implementation of the principle of SOS that “every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security”.


Services provided


    • Parents’ counselling (both on group and individual basis)


    • Psychological support for children and parents


    • Psychotherapeutic intervention


    • Educational assistance to children with learning difficulties


    • Speech therapy


    • Creative activities workshops


    • Material assistance, as it accrues after the evaluation process of the requests


    • Referral services – networking in order to resolve social, health, legal and other problems related to the child


    • Community awareness on issues related to children’s rights


    • Support of professional teaching / training guide


Address:94 Egnatia Str. , P.C. 546 23, Thessaloniki, 2d floor

phone number.: 2310 233 692

fax.: 2310 233693










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