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NGO “Kids in Action” was created on November 2003 by a group of young people in Thessaloniki. Members of Kids In Action are activated in the fields of art, culture, youth work and education (formal, non formal, informal). The organization has no salaried employees, and all members are working in voluntary.\r\n\r\nActions for kids\r\n“Kids in Action” organizes performances for children from disadvantaged environments (facing economic, social, geographical and other difficulties). The performances are given voluntarily by clowns, stilt walkers, jugglers, magicians, mimes, dancers in Greece and abroad. Similarly, the group writes and publishes children’s stories and music, which is distributed free after the events.\r\nActions for youth\r\n“Kids in Action” promotes and coordinates European youth mobility projects at local, national and global level. It works closely with the Hellenic Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning and a network of voluntary organizations in Greece, Europe and the world.\r\nActivities in urban landscape\r\n“Kids in Action” is active in issues related to improving the quality of life of city residents, the demand and utilization of free public spaces. It organizes street festivals, actions in parks, squares, sidewalks and abandoned army camps. It participated and co-organized actions with dynamic groups and collectivities of the city.\r\nWe dream of…\r\nYoung people who are dynamic, daring and determined, who have a vision, who dare to explore and never stop to stand up for their rights…\r\nA welcoming, creative and lively city that provides its citizens with opportunities for self-improvement, a city with a distinct personality, potential and vision.\r\nHappy, joyful and determined people who harmonically combine common sense with knowledge and emotion.\r\n\r\nAnd aim…\r\nTo encourage young people to be actively involved in improving their everyday life.\r\nTo acknowledge and promote the value of non-conventional and emancipative forms of education and learning\r\nTo promote the ideas of volunteerism, solidarity and peaceful co-existence.\r\nTo promote non-conventional art forms (circus, street arts)\r\nTo provide input into designing and implementing youth-related policies.”\r\n\r\nAddress: Gr. Lampraki & 3rd September\r\nEmail:\r\n\r\n


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